Smart Solutions and Committed Communities to Fight COVID-19

“As a public health program, we knew we would have so many challenges to face when COVID-19 hit Madagascar. But we were ready for this; we had successfully stopped multiple outbreaks in recent years — including pneumonic plague and measles. When the first cases were reported, we started to roll out strategic approaches to support both the government and communities to stop the spread of the virus, by any and all means.” — Riana Samoelina Ramanantsoa, Deputy Director of the USAID-funded Accessible Continuum of Care and Essential Services Sustained (ACCESS) program

Early on, rumors and misinformation about COVID-19 were spreading extremely fast. We knew that providing correct, reliable information was going to be a very important piece of the battle to reduce transmission and save lives.

Tovo Ranaivomino, Social and Behavior Change Director for ACCESS

“Together with our local partners, we’ve helped the Government roll-out innovative efforts nationwide to monitor the spread of COVID-19, through electronic surveillance with modern tools, and equipment like smartphones and tablets, equipping public health professionals with the real-time data needed to effectively and decisively lead and coordinate activities on the ground.”

— John Yanulis, Program Director for USAID ACCESS

“The technical guide and the electronic tools we are rolling out across the country will ensure we have the health data we need to detect and respond to situations before they become outbreaks.”Dr. Vololoniaina Christophère, MOPH’s Director of Health Surveillance and Epidemic Control and Response for Madagascar’s Ministry of Public Health

“We work with the Ministry of Public Health staff at all levels, so they are able to identify best practices and efficiently align all stakeholders and ensure an effective response to events such as pandemics.” — Dr. Fanja Raelison, USAID ACCESS’s Director of Health Systems Strengthening

About the Program



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